Physiological News

Phd student Carl Harrison has written a very nice perspective for the spring edition of Physiology News.

Carl gives an overview of our work on super-resolution imaging of clusters of RyR2 and why physiologists, mathematical modelers, biologists at large and everybody else should care about it.

For info, the sleeping person on the title image refers to an article about the importance of a healthy sleep pattern and is unrelated to the RyR2 related work.

A brief extract:

"The study of the heart requires all the tools in physiology combining electrical, mechanical, biochemical, genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic aspects."

"An equal amount of our effort goes into tackling the technical challenges that come with imaging deep into optically thick tissues. Coupling a custom-built microscope with the development of PYME microscope environment software allows a great deal of technical control and flexibility. Our lab has published on the considerations about different cameras, fluorophores and imaging buffers and how they stand up to biological imaging."

"The various super-resolution imaging techniques trade off speed, absolute resolution, technical difficulty and difficulty of live imaging."

Find the full article in the online copy of Physiology News.